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Welcome to the Barking Mad Dog of the day submission form. At Barking Mad, we like to let every dog have it’s day. That’s why we feature a different dog each day on our homepage and our social media sites.

Here, you can submit all of your doggy’s details and some info about yourself too. We are interested in your funny stories, cool and happy moments. We want to hear about what mischief your dog gets up to, and what makes them so special. Tell us about your connection with your pal and why they make your life better.

Dog of the day Series

Submit details of you, your dog, and the bond, relationship that you share with your dog.
  • Details about the human

  • This is not required but is beneficial if you would like to be included on other intiatives on - such as a guest for our podcast series.
  • While we really want to gauge the relationship and bond you have with your dog, we would like to get a better understanding of what you're like also.
  • More about your dog(s) (The boss)

  • If you have more than 1 dog, please state all names
  • We want to know what age your doggy is and when their birthday is also. We will send your dog an e-card on their birthday and give them a shout out on Instagram & our facebook pages and help your pooch celebrate in style. If you have more than one dog pop into the box just under here.
  • if you have any other dogs, pop their birthdays in here.
  • We all know that our own dog is the best dog but we want to know what makes your dog so cool and what you love most about them
  • The fun stuff

  • The deep stuff.

    We're looking for detiails of how your dog has impacted your life. Bring this right out from the heart. We want to know all about the relationship you have with your dog, how your dog has helped you and more importantly how your dog has saved you (if that's the case)
  • We all know our dogs have a massive impact on our lives. For this series, we want as much detail as possible that helps us to understand that special bond you have with your dog and how they've made a big positive impact on your life
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